A quiet and peaceful location where classes can be held to help facilitate mindful living.

Come host a yoga class, yoga teacher training or yoga retreat at our cozy, quaint facility. Watch butterflies flutter by, experience a possible deer sighting or listen to the birds while you deepen your connection with your body, mind and spirit.

You’ll love balancing your chi while being surrounded by breath taking views of towering trees and vibrant flowers. Our venue is the perfect spot for T’ai Chi classes or workshops.

This is the perfect spot for a spiritual re-set. The peace and tranquility that exudes throughout is sure to calm the mind and guide you deeper into a connection with your best self. All types of spiritual faiths and retreats are welcome.

All kinds of coaches, teachers, trainers or spiritual guides will delight in offering workshops of any kind in this serene setting. The natural beauty and peaceful atmosphere is conducive to higher learning.

Let’s make your special event memorable